Fortuisoft - support

How do I change my bet?
The app assumes you want to make the same bet as the last hand so that you don't have to make a new bet each hand. If you want to change your bet, just tap the chip(s) in the bet circle (in the center of the screen). The previous bet will return to your bankroll and you can place a new bet by tapping chip(s) from your bankroll at the bottom of the screen.

Your advice didn't work.
The Basic Strategy advice is based on the best odds for you in that specific hand. While that advice won't get you a win every time, you'll get a better result in the long run by following the advice.

Can the app help me with card counting?
Not at the present. There are other very good apps dedicated to card counting training. Also, the Basic Strategy advice that the app offers does is not based on card counting.

Why does the app go over each split hand twice?
That's how it works in casino play. You play out each split hand befoe the dealer plays out his/her hand, after which the bet is settled for each split hand (except the bust hands which are settled at the time of the bust).

I've run out of chips.
Tap the $ button in the upper right corner of the screen to go to the "Get chips" screen. Chips are free.

I played a casino with table rules that you don't have.
We've tried to include all the common rule variations from the Las Vegas Strip casinos and a few others. If you have a rule variation you'd like to see added please use "Feedback/bug reports" from the app settings to send us an email.

What is your Privacy Policy?
Blackjack will not access, save or share your personal information on the device or remotely.