Fortuisoft - support

What is a domino meme?
A domino meme is a video of a cascade of toppling dominos. Each domino has a piece of a larger picture so as the dominos topple the larger picture is revealed. The revealed picture is an internet meme that you make from a photo plus your own text. The photo can come from stock photos included with the app, from your own Photo Library, or from a photo you take in the app.

What are the video settings?
Two settings: Speed and Resolution. Speed selects how fast the dominos topple. Fast speed reveals the picture more quickly and takes less time to make the video. Slow speed produces a more pleasing video in that the domino cascade lasts longer, but takes a few more seconds to make the video. Resolution selects the size of the video image. Low resolution is fine for posting a meme on Facebook or sending as a text and making the video is faster. If you want to be able to show the meme video on a larger display (iPad, computer, TV) then high resolution produces a higher definition video. The high resolution video does take longer to make.

I hate the ads.
Me too, but a) there's nothing to do anyway while the app is making the video, and b) I need the few pennies that the ads bring in to be able to give the app for free and continue to support it.

How long does it take to make the video?
That depends on several factors, including video settings, photo width and your device model. A Fast/Low resolution video from a stock photo on an iPhone 7 Plus takes 22 seconds. A Slow/High res video from the same stock photo takes almost a full minute. The new iPad pro's are significantly faster, so we can assume the iPhone 8 will be as well.

How do I share a domino meme video on Facebook?
After making the meme video the app will show the "Play meme" screen. The toolbar at the bottom of the screen (or at the top if the device is on it's side) has an share icon. Tap that to bring up the iOS share menu. Tap the facebook icon on the share menu to bring up a Posting to Facebook window. You can tap the top line (with your name on it) to choose where to post the video, e.g. to a friend's timeline.

I don't see Instagram on the share menu.
Swipe left on the app icon row to the ".../More" icon at the right end of the row. Tap that icon to see an "Activities" menu screen where you can configure which apps will appear on the share menu and in what order. That menu applies to all apps on your device, not just DominoMeme. If you don't see Instagram on the Activities configuration menu, then you probably don't have the Instagram app on your device.

Why does DominoMeme ask to access my Photo Library?
Two reasons: 1) So you can choose a photo from your Photo Library to make into a meme, and 2) to save the meme video to your Photo Library (which it does automatically).

What is your Privacy Policy?
DominoMeme will not access, save or share your personal information on the device or remotely. It does report app feature usage anonomously to help guide future improvements to the app.