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How do I get to the Boxtop view, and what can I do there?
The Boxtop view is a picture of the completed puzzle, just like the boxtop of a cardboard jigsaw puzzle. It is most useful when you select a piece before tapping the Boxtop button because the selected piece will stay on top of the boxtop. You can use the Boxtop view to find the correct location of a piece just as you would the boxtop of a jigsaw puzzle. A piece moved on the boxtop will still snap into an empty cell or Smart Snap into it's correct cell if dropped on that cell, or rotated into the correct orientation while positioned on it's correct cell.

How do I save a partially completed puzzle?
A partially completed puzzle is automatically saved after each move. Only one partially completed puzzle can be saved at a time. If you start another puzzle, any currently saved puzzle will be deleted. The partially completed puzzle is shown in the Puzzle-in-progress box. Tapping it will resume where you left off when you tapped the Pause button.

Sometimes the app starts at the main puzzle select screen, other times it starts in a puzzle. Why?
If you were working a puzzle (the puzzle was on the screen) when the app quits, it will pick up where you left off when the app is next started. If you were on the main select puzzle screen, or editing your own puzzle when the app was last exited, it will restart onto the main select puzzle screen.

What are the different ways to move puzzle pieces?
  • Drag a piece. You can drop it into an empty cell or on top of other pieces. It gets a green border if dropped on another piece so it will stand out from the pieces which are snapped into cells.
  • Select a piece by tapping it. A selected piece can be rotated, zipped or swapped as well as dragged. Tap it again to deselect it.
  • Zip move a selected piece by tapping an empty cell. The selected piece will "zip" into the empty cell.
  • Swap two pieces by tapping one piece while another piece is already selected. The pieces will exchange positions. Swap can be disabled in the Settings screen. If Swap is disabled, touching another piece with a piece already selected simply changes the selection to the touched piece.
  • A piece will Lock when in its correct orientation in its correct cell. A locked piece gets a checkmark and cannot be moved or rotated.
  • A correctly oriented piece dropped on its own cell will Smart Snap into place even if the cell is occupied. The piece currently in the cell is pushed out of the cell. Smart Snap can be disabled in the Settings popover.
Tell me about the difficulty levels.
You can select from eight levels of difficulty on the Settings popover. Each setting specifies the number of rows and columns (2x3, 4x6, 8x12 or 10x15) and whether the pieces are rotated. You can change difficulty levels while doing a puzzle, but the change won't take effect until you start a new puzzle. In general the Begin/Easy levels are for little kids, Medium/Hard are for most of us, and the higher levels are for real puzzle people.

What are the two number/letter puzzles?
These puzzles can either be used as practice puzzles or as exercises for kids (keeping in mind that Y and Z are missing from the alphabet puzzle).

How do I make my own puzzle?
  • You can make your own puzzle from any picture in your device's Photo Albums.
  • Select Photos from the ZipPuzzle main screen. This takes you to the iPad's built-in "picture picker" where you can select the picture you want to make into a puzzle. The original picture remains unchanged.
  • After selecting a picture you will be taken to the Edit screen. Use the Aspect button in the center of the bottom toolbar to choose the orientation of the puzzle. Next, you can zoom in and position the picture to select a part of the picture to use as the puzzle. The picture is initially shown fully zoomed out. To zoom in, use a spreading gesture with a finger and thumb, just like you would with Safari to zoom into a web page. Use the opposite pinch gesture to zoom out. Drag the zoomed picture around in the frame to position the part that you want as a puzzle. The puzzle will be made from exactly what you see on this screen. If you need to select only a small part of the picture for the puzzle you can zoom in further than the original resolution of the picture, but the result will be a slightly blurred puzzle image.
  • Tap Done to finish.
Can I save a puzzle I made myself?
Yes, but only one. The last puzzle you created is saved and shown in the My Puzzle box. If you want more you can always recreate the puzzle from your Photos.

What counts in the number of moves displayed on puzzle completion? And why count moves anyway?
  • Some people want to know. Others don't care (I personally don't want the pressure of trying to avoid unnecessary moves.) If, like me, you don't care about the move count, you can turn off the display of move count and elapsed play time in the app's Settings screen.
  • Any drag and drop counts as one move, unless the piece is pulled from a cell and dropped back into the same cell on the same move.
  • A smart snap counts as one move, as part of the drag and drop.
  • A zip move counts as one move.
  • A swap counts as one move (plan ahead to take advantage).
  • Rotates are free, but if a rotate results in a piece smart-snapping into it's cell, that counts as one move.
  • Any move on the Boxtop counts the same as it does on the puzzle.
What happens to my Votes?
Votes are collected and counted before each release of the app. The puzzles with the most Don't Like votes and the least Like votes are removed from the app and replaced with new puzzles. The new puzzles are selected for characteristics similar to those of the puzzles with the most Like votes. Votes are anonymous - we don't collect any personal information and have no idea who you are.

How are the puzzle pieces arranged when I start a new puzzle?
Each piece starts out in a random location other than its correct location. If the difficulty level includes rotation, each piece gets a random orientation so about 1/4 of the pieces will start out correctly oriented. The process is repeated with random positions and orientations each time a puzzle is started, so if you play the same puzzle again it will start out in a different configuration.

I hate your stupid sound effects.
Well, that's not a question, but you can turn the sound effects off on the Settings popover or by tapping the Sound button on the puzzle screen.

What is your Privacy Policy?
ZipPuzzle will not access, save or share your personal information. ZipPuzzle does collect statistics on puzzle play and ad clicks which we use to improve the app, for example in the selection and design of new puzzles.