Fortuisoft - support

What do I get if I purchase the Pro upgrade?
You get a number of important features:
  • Two new difficulty levels for the opponent: Skilled and Expert
  •  Two player game play over WiFi
  •  Configurable house rules for scoring and dealing
  •  Play speed option
  •  Skip scoresheet option
  • More table colors
The upgrade is good forever, and on all devices signed in with the same Apple ID.

The two player game isn't connecting. It just says "Connection : searching".
Both devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network. The network doesn't need to be connected to the internet. Both devices need to select "New game" in the two players box.

What do the yellow and green box outlines mean?
A yellow or green box outline means you can select a card from that box. A green box outline means that card will make (or add to) a run or a set. If you don't want that help you can turn it off in the settings (Discard pick helper).

Why is a card in my hand grayed out?
You are not allowed to discard that card, e.g. you just picked it from the discard pile. Or if you've selected knock or gin, the grayed out cards are ones you can't discard and still qualify for knock or gin.

I accidentally tapped a card in my hand but didn't mean to discard that one. Can I undo it??
Sorry, no - there is no undo. But you can select a setting so you need to double tap to discard, preventing accidental discard selection.